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Coin Collecting Tips

Coin collecting has always been pretty popular, once a way for kings to hoard piles of money it’s now either followed by people who simply enjoy a relatively easy hobby, or those who are driven by money and want to reap their profits later.

The thing is about coins, there are plenty of them, but it’s the ones that are in short supply which are the most valuable.

Coin Collecting Tips – Starting Out

It may be that you fancy taking up a new hobby, or it may be that you’ve discovered an unusual coin and want to find out more about it which opens up your interest in coin collecting, but whatever the initial reason you want to find out more. Research is the key to success in coin collecting, as with many other hobbies and interests. The most successful coin collectors are the ones who know the most, and the ones who know the most are the ones who do the most research – see how it works? There are different areas which you need to know about:

  • types of coin
  • history of coins
  • value of coins
  • where to find coins

Probably the best thing to do to start with and get your collection going is just to collect as many different coins as you can. Just keep on hoarding them (like the kings), there’s no need to inspect every single coin in the box at the local flea-market, there’ll be plenty of time to do that later on. Don’t pay too much for any coins though, you see, in the beginning you probably won’t know what is or isn’t “too much” as you won’t really be aware of the value of certain coins. Once you’ve got a good stash you can then begin to separate them into the “valuable” and the “ten a penny” coins. Once you start to see which ones are worth the most, then you can start be a little more particular over your collecting habits.

Caring for Your Coin Collection

Many new coin collectors think that it’s ok just to put their coins in an old jar or tin, well, this might be a good method of saving your coppers for a rainy day, but is not suitable at all for a valuable coin collection. Keeping them altogether in a jar can cause irreparable damage and really affect the value of your coins. You should make sure that your valuable coins are kept in either a coin folder or a coin album. You’ll be able to admire them much more clearly too.

How To Value Your Coin Collection

There are loads of different places where you can learn about the most valuable coins, how to put a value onto a specific coin and what is a good price. Coin dealers will be able to give you a good idea of the values, or you can just search for similar coins to yours on the internet and see what value has been put onto them – you must take into account the condition of the coin though, the ones which are kept in good condition are of course more valuable than others.

Some of the best known coin collectors in the world have sold their collections over the internet, so it’s certainly a great source of information and knowledge for anyone who is interested in learning more in this fascinating hobby.

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